Awnings New Jersey

Thinking of Purchasing an Awning for Your New Jersey Home?

Awnings are a great way to create shade around your house. Not only are they highly effective in shielding the house from sunlight, but they are also extremely attractive. There are several designs, colors, and prints to choose from; just keep in mind your requirements and taste preferences while selecting an awning for your home. You can install an awning above the doors or windows, outside the entrance, or above the leisure areas of your home like verandas, balconies and patios. Read on to understand more about the types of awnings are available!


Retractable awnings: These are one of the most effective types of awnings that you can install to shade your veranda or patio. These awnings can be mounted like a roof when there is sunlight, and they can be retracted back when its windy to help keep it protected. Depending on your needs, you can mount or retract this awning whenever you’d like at the push of a button. You can choose from myriad colors, patterns and shapes to match any home décor.


Veranda awnings: The veranda is an area of the house that is normally exposed to a lot of sunlight. You can install a veranda awning at the external edge of the veranda roof to get the shade. The position of these awnings can be adjusted according to the position of the sun. This is the most effective way to save your veranda from direct glare of the sun and rain.


Automatic awnings: These awnings are most commonly used over the windows. Automatic awnings are designed in a way that they can slide up and down according to your needs. These can be electrically operated by the press of a button and are obviously extremely easy to use. You can find automatic awnings in various lengths and sizes that can fit all kinds of windows. The colors and patterns can be selected based on the interior decor of your house.


Straight Drop Awnings: These awnings provide effective shade to the exterior areas of the house like gazebos, patios, verandas and pergolas. Straight drop awnings are geared or spring loaded and are pulled down to provide shade.


Free Standing Awnings: These types of awnings are the most versatile of all. They can be used to provide shade to any area like a veranda or patio. It consists of fabric extended over a solid frame and can be installed at any place to provide shade.


Cross Arm awnings: If the width is limited, but you require a larger projection then cross arm awnings are ideal. Once they are retracted, one arm fold and crosses over the other.

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